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That's my band name including me and my plastic dinosaurs. I draw pictures and I speak nonsense.

SO HERE THEY ARE, IN ALL THEIR GLORIOUS GLORY. for a little gift prompt on the Mass Effect LJ community.
Inked either with brush+ink, brush pen or various sizes of pens.
Colored in Photoshop.

  • tov01's asari huntress
  • explosiontime's batarian soldier
  • chibimiji's drell super agent
  • sinvraal's big bad krolord
  • rose_in_shadow's fury
  • even_prime's shadow
  • dizy_chan's human vanguard
  • kalahira's geth infiltrator
  • lm_jillybean's fury

You want something akin to those? 20$ inked/uncolored, 30$ inked/colored, any humanoid characters (not necessarily Mass Effect related)!

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